Surviving IRS and State Tax Problems-Wage Garnishment, Offer in Compromise   
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Surviving IRS and State Tax Problems-Wage Garnishment, Offer in Compromise
If you need an installment agreement (payment plan), an offer in compromise, or need to be classified as "currently non-collectible " by the IRS, keep reading.  If you have tax problems, such as IRS wage garnishments, tax liens, bank levy or attachment, or unfiled tax returns, you've come to the right place.

Do you want to settle your tax debt "for pennies on the dollar," and need an offer in compromise?  Don't count on the"pennies on the dollar."  And don't leave these pages until you read the Offer in Compromise page.

If you just received notices from the Internal Revenue Service or State collection divisions stating you owe them substantial amounts of taxes, they want the tax money in ten days.  You have to act fast, but to arrange an installment agreement, or be classed as currently non-collectible, takes time and knowledge..

 Whether you are an individual or a business, looking for tax debt negotiation or resolution, have payroll tax or trust fund problems, you have come to the right place.  Whatever your reason for being here, I can help you. But I need you to read through this site.

Why?  Because, if you really want to resolve your tax problems, you must dedicate the next twenty or thirty minutes to reading this message, and get pounded on by me. Will it hurt?  Not as much as having your bank account disappear, or having your take home pay cut by 85%!  

This isn't a sales pitch.  It is getting you to realize that you have put this problem off for at least a couple of years, and it didn't go away. I'm breaking all the rules for "successful" websites by having you devote more than forty-five seconds to the site.  Is it worth it?  Only you can tell.   Settle back, start reading, and straighten out your tax life, or click that "X" in the upper right corner.  The choice is entirely yours.  If you do continue, and I hope you do, Contact me.  Let's talk.

Note:  Wherever the word "IRS" appears, it is interchangeable with any State or local tax agency.  So if you have a problem with state income or payroll taxes, sales taxes, anything having to do with taxes, these pages apply.  I can help.  Also, in most cases, you will never have to meet with the collection officer.